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Call Us Now: (415) 481-1277

Call Us Now: (415) 481-1277

One Stop Shop Moving Service

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Commercial and Residential Moving

We make sure to pad and stretch wrap each of your items before securely loading them onto our 26 ft. moving trucks, and our moving teams are licensed, bonded, and insured to give you peace of mind.

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Need help packing your extra fragile belongings, a 4-bedroom home or commercial building? We can help. With our team of professional packing ninjas, we will ensure your goods are safe and secure.


Rearranging Home or Business

We can help rearrange your current setup or help move that heavy piece of furniture or safe into a different spot. Whatever the need, we’ll get it done!

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Junk Removal

Our specialized junk removal teams will pick up and properly dispose of any items you no longer want, saving you the hassle of renting a dumpster and doing it yourself!

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Need walls touched up, things fixed around the house, or some demolition work after or before the move? We got you.

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Move-In-Out Service.
Need to get your home ready for your move in or cleaned after you move out? Chubby Ninjas can help.

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Pickup & Delivery

If you’ve recently purchased a new piece of furniture or a large appliance and don’t know how you’re going to get it home, give us a call! We can arrange to go pick up, load, and unload the heavy object right to your door.

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Guaranteed Replacement & Property Protection

We take care of your property, providing insurance against losses from property damage or unstarted work.

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